«Baby If You Give It To Me»

«Baby If You Give It To Me»

I’m still under impression from the festival of world music hits TOP DISCO POP that was held in Сrocus City Hall.

Excited spectator greeted warmly all performers at the concert. I was the host of the event and it was a pleasure to go up onstage, listening to endless applause for the singers.
The management of the show offered me to be a participant of an unusual performance and to sing a duet with Busta Rhymes – the main headliner of the event.

Elena Sever and Busta Rhymes — Baby If You Give It To Me

Several hours prior to the beginning of the show the organizers weren’t sure that Busta would come to Moscow. The matter is that his daughter had got in a car accident and the famous singer could change his plans. But luckily the girl’s health was not in danger and the rapper decided not to make any changes in his work schedule.

Elena Sever and Busta Rhymes

Nevertheless the act of God didn’t make it possible to have any normal rehearsals. The surprise for spectators in Moscow turned out to be an extemporization. As a result, me and Busta Rhymes sang in front of thousands of fans a famous song «Baby If You Give It To Me».
You can see the performance on NTV channel.


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