“Northern wind” – the wind of love.

“Northern wind” – the wind of love.

Half a year ago I received an invitation from Renata Litvinova to play one of roles in a theatrical play “Northern wind”, that was meant to be her directorial debut in the theatre. However I couldn’t dare accept it.

But with a great pleasure I visited the premiere in Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre. My elder son Yuri accompanied me.


There are such people in the real art world, who always make it a significant event in the cultural life – whatever they take up, whichever creative experiments they realize.
Renata Litvinova’s creative work is a reality, which she implements as a talented, refined, and sometimes as a very impulsive artist.


    “Northern wind” is longing for love. Renata gathered onstage a group of associates who can live in one space, naturally sharing their emotions. Amazing music by Zemfira and clothes by Gosha Rubchinskiy made Renata’s creative experiment feasible and unique.


Gorgeous performance of talented actors, the magic of scene, Renata’s appearance onstage – I and my son Yuri really liked the play. The debut was a success. A lot of impressions. There’s something to think about, and it’s the main thing for any creative work.


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