BraVo Award

BraVo Award

On March 19, at the Bolshoi Theater on the historical stage, the BraVo award ceremony took place. The award was held for the second time. The winners in the field of classical art were named on Tuesday.

Together with Igor Vernik, I was the host at this solemn event.

Елена Север и Игорь Верник - ведущие церемонии BraVo

That evening there were ballet, opera, music and, of course, many guests. By the way, foreign celebrities were present: Hellen Mirren, Michael Bolton and John Travolta, who flew in on his plane.

Елена Север и Джон Траволта

Елена Север и Светлана Захарова

Елена Север и Хелен Миррен

Елена Север и Сергей Полунин

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