Guests “Chaika”

It so happens that most of the filming of my programs takes place in the restaurant “Chaika”. Here we are happy and the crew and our guests. This time I invited Natalya Podolskaya and Konstantin Meladze for an interview.

Елена Север и Наталья Подольская

Natasha came in a mini-skirt and made an emphasis on this, saying that before she became a mother, she was attracted by the clothes of a longer cut. From childhood memories I was struck by the story of a music school teacher who beat her hands and even pulled braids. Little Natasha was so afraid of the teacher that she never dared to take time off from the lesson, even for valid reasons.

Елена Север и Константин Меладзе

The stories of Konstantin Meladze, too, were not all fun, because the composer had a lot of difficulties. According to his confession, his motto helped him find a way out of any difficult situation, which was recorded three times in Churchill’s famous diary: “Do not give up!”.

Елена Север и Константин Меладзе

You will learn more detailed revelations if you watch the project “North. Uninvented stories “on RU.TV channel and after the airing of programs on the site
A printed version of these interviews can be found on the pages of the weekly newspaper Telenedelya.

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