New meetings in KUSH club

New meetings in KUSH club

The guests of my programs, due to different everyday circumstances, do not always come to the filming in a good mood.
 In such cases, my task as an interviewer is to make our communication so confident, that the viewers don’t notice anything. And how encouraging it is that in most cases we end up  becoming interesting people to each other. Our talk comes to a phase when I want this warm conversation last as long as possible.
It happened so this time, when Leonid Agutin came in. Everyone noticed that he walked with a limp. As it turned out, it was very painful for him to walk because  the day before, while a tennis training, the singer hurt his ankle. It was clear to me that when you feel physical pain, you do not want to go anywhere. And then it turned out that Leonid came to me after a 12-hour flight from America. He had better have a rest… but the real men keep their promises. We talked for two hours instead of one, according to the schedule. And I was really sorry when the director stopped the shooting with a plea that the larger part of the interesting conversation would not fit in the time, limited for the broadcast.


On that day I had another guest – singer Diana Gurtskaya. In conversation with her, too, time always flies very quickly. All the time she lives with the motto: “Go ahead and fear nothing!” The pleasant news about Diana for her fans is that the singer has recorded a new album called “Panic”. This is some brand new style for Diana. She worked on the record in close cooperation with the famous musician Goran Bregovich.


You will know more detailed revelations if you watch my project “Sever. True stories” on RU.TV channel and after the TV-broadcasting the programs will be available on the website

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