“White nights of St. Petersburg 2017” music festival

“White nights of St. Petersburg 2017” music festival

25 years ago international music festival “White nights of St. Petersburg” was held for the first time. This date reminded me of a wonderful coincidence. At that time during the “White nights” festival I met my husband, and it happened onstage of “Oktyabrskiy” Grand Concert Hall.


    The festival was registered in Federation of International Festivals Organization (FIDOF) and became one of the most attractive events in the country. Many world stars are eager to get there. Unlike Eurovision contest, our festival has no limitations concerning music styles and genres. What’s more important, it’s beyond any political intrigues.


    Legendary band “Scorpions” opened the event, and the final performance was by Jason Derulo. By the way, one of Scorpions’ songs was performed together with all participants of the festival.

Рудольф Шенкер, Scorpions
Рудольф Шенкер, Scorpions

    And my son VladiMir sang a famous song “Sexy MF” together with world renowned music group “New Power Generation”.


  I and Alexey Vorobiev were the hosts of all three days of the festival. On the final day we opened the evening program with a tango. We didn’t only dance, we sang as well. We had absolutely no time for rehearsals and we were really worried about the performance. Furthermore, the words for tango performance were written only on that morning. Alexey made arrangements and finished literally some hours before the beginning of the event.


    I hope next year the festival, for sure, will be held again!


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