«TOP DISCO POP» show is back!

«TOP DISCO POP» show is back!

One more time the music festival brings people, who love good music, together at Crocus City Hall. This is the secondTOP DISCO POP show, the first event took place in April 2017.  It was a pleasure to become the host of the event again. During the concert there will be only world famous legendary music hits.

The management of the show prepared many surprises featuring music stars of the highest level, including foreign ones! So far, their names are a secret. As for who I’m going to sing with, I’ll keep it secret as well. There is just one thing I can reveal – my co-host of the event will be again Dmitry Olenin.

TOP DISCO POP is a kaleidoscope of vivid images of our favourite music stars, world music hits and live sound! TV-version of the concert will be broadcasted on NTV channel.

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