The Rock-n-Roll star

The Rock-n-Roll star

Diana Arbenina became another guest of my program “Sever. True stories”.
Diana Arbenina became another guest of my program “Sever. True stories”. The famous singer said that she was very pleased to take part in the filming not only because it was her first interview that year, but also because the name of the program has the word “Sever” (the Russian for «North»). It turns out that the North, from the geographical point of view, is the most iconic place on Earth for Diana. She used to live in different cities and towns of the Russian Far North during her school years and early student years, too.

It was easy and comfortable for me to converse with Arbenina. She is one of the most interesting interlocutors and makes impression of a kind and clever person. Having lived for many years in the show business, Diana is still extremely worried before going up onstage each time. She compares this moment with the moment of a jump from the height. Trembling behind the curtain, she says in a loud voice: “Lord, why don’t I bake bread?!»


As for school memories, the funniest one was the story about how Diana learned chemistry by heart. Barely knowing  the subject, she had difficulties with memorizing chemical elements. Finally she developed her own approach – she gave names to the elements ^ “o-oxygen” – “Olga”,” K-potassium ” — “Katya”,” C-carbon ” — “Sveta” and so on. Thinking of names of her friends she was able to write the hardest formulas on the blackboard.

You will learn more detailed revelations if you watch my program “Sever. True stories” on RU.TV channel. Right after the broadcasting it will be available on the website

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