Syrian sonata

Syrian sonata

In November, the shooting of the new film “Syrian Sonata” began, where soon you will be able to see me in the title role.

Елена Север прибыла в Крым на съемки "Сирийской сонаты"

Also, as in the films “Pilgrim” and “Boomerang”, I was the producer of this picture. This film about an orchestra that came to Syria with a peacekeeping mission and was captured by terrorists.

I got the role of a journalist who needed to cover this concert. I can’t tell anything else from the script, except that I had to change my image a bit and get used to the image of a tomboy, very unusual for me. Colleagues on the set were: Gosha Kutsenko, Konstantin Lavronenko, Anton Bogdanov. And Oleg Pogodin sat in the director’s chair.

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