Russia, go ahead!

Russia, go ahead!

Russian football fans now have their own song which supports Russian football team. The authors of the song are Mikhail Gutseriev and “Zemlyane” band.

Елена Север
Елена Север

While making the video for this song its director Serghey Grey gathered at Sochis’s “Fisht” stadium all Russian stars for a flash-mob. Some awesome artists took part in it: Philipp Kirkorov, Alexander Marshall, Denis Maidanov, Sergey Lazarev, “Zemlyane” band, Yulianna Karaulova, Kristina Orbakaite, Zara, MakSim and my sons UrKiss and VladiMir.

As for my personal impressions from the participation in the recording of the song, it’s like love to Homeland and to all that’s connected with it!
Philipp Kirkorov made a very accurate definition for the way the song was made: “We wanted to unite sport and music, to make a big and a beautiful thing together with artists”.

Participation of football players of Russian team made the video really colourful.
Presentation of the music video for all football fans was carried out on the eve of FIFA Confederations Cup and the football championship, which will take place in Russia in 2018.

Not only artists, featuring in the video, got together in «ROYAL ARBAT» club. Other guests of the event couldn’t hide emotions. Timati, for example, said that the song would be at least the song of Russian football fans.

I hope that the joint work of artists on the song will give football fans a boost of energy and will encourage the main team of the country to victory!

Елена Север, ЮрКисс и ВладиМир
Елена Север, ЮрКисс и ВладиМир

“I wish you health and enough energy to support the favourite team!”


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