New season “Uninvented stories”

We started shooting the next season on board of the ship-restaurant “Chaika”! Yulia Kovalchuk became a guest of my program.

С Юлией Ковальчук

From her “non-invented stories” I learned that, thanks to her father, she has been fond of fishing since childhood, and knows how to dig up worms, where they take maggots, and what kind of fish they catch on cake or corn. In the biography of Julia Kovalchuk there is a page related to the city of Saratov. There, the future singer studied at the University of Economics. She came to this university and this city because of passionate youthful love.


On this day, I was waiting for a meeting with another hero – Anatoly Tsoi – a member of the MBAND group.


He said that 5 years ago, he was simultaneously invited to participate in three competitive vocal TV shows: “Artist”, “Voice” and “I want to Meladze.” Tolya had to make a choice and he is proud that in recent years he has been working under the guidance of Konstantin Meladze.


And yet, Tsoi for the first time openly admitted his passion for playing poker. Once a large card win allowed the young artist to move from Almaty to Moscow and begin his career.

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