Like the city of Sochi

Like the city of Sochi

Sochi. I love this city. A lot of pleasant memories are connected with it. May be the reason is that the city is a resort, carefree and sunny. Perhaps the reason is that even if you’re not lucky with the weather, just like this time, you’ll be lucky to have pleasant meetings

Exactly here, in this city, we have a cherished place – our favorite restaurant “Dionis”, which keeps memories about the earliest and most romantic days for me and my husband. In “Dionis” all our family can, so to say, get relaxed and enjoy Georgian cuisine. Shashlik and khachapuri add some enchantment and exotic flavour to our feast. Talk at the table is frank and relaxed. I just enjoy the way my men talk – my husband and sons.


This time our trip to Sochi coincided with birthday of my younger son Vladimir. Management of the hotel where we stayed congratulated Volodya with a beautiful birthday cake with candles – it was so touching!

And the match of Night Hockey League left an unforgettable impression. Our President took part in it. It’s good to comprehend that the country leader is a not indifferent to sports person. And in his tough work schedule he finds possibility to participate in such events. The match was really interesting also because our good acquaintances and friends took part in it. For sure, we supported them and talked to them after the match with great pleasure.


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