Guests are just girls

Guests are just girls

The sequential shooting of my program was organized in “Chaika” restaurant onboard «Alexander Blok» boat. On that day it was raining endlessly outside. Bad weather lead to complete malfunction of ship’s power system and the vessel was switched to auxiliary generators.

The generator was rumbling so loudly that at first we thought about cancelling the filming due to sound defects. But I invited two famous girls to be the guests of my program, and their schedule was so tough that it was better not to change it. The talk was so nice that we didn’t pay any attention to the noise. Anyway, sound editors will have to do something with it.


  The first guest onboard “Chaika” was Victoria Daineko.  Answering a question if she had a personal creed the singer said: “Enjoy each moment”. This motto turned out to be her first tattoo.


Later that night Olga Orlova, the ex-soloist of “Blestyashie” girls-band came to the shooting site. We’ve been friends with Olya for a long time. Now the singer is going through a restart period onstage Russian show business. And, as we can see, it’s quite successful – number of her recent music video views is a proof of it. And, for sure, the audience got extremely interested after Olga Orlova became the moderator and the host of “Dom-2” reality show, where she’s been working for six month already. 


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