All is top notch – from the base to the top!

All is top notch – from the base to the top!

I’m back to my native city again!

Since June 1st till June 3rd International Economic Forum took place in St. Petersburg. The event set new records in terms of geographical coverage and made deals. Businessmen, representatives of international organizations, experts, scientists and mass media from more than 143 countries of the world came to St. Petersburg.


The Forum became a noticeable event in the cultural life of Saint Petersburg. I accepted with pleasure some invitations to attend different occasions. VTB bank organized a splendid evening! One of the most remarkable events of the Forum’s cultural program was a performance of world classic stage stars – Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov. Their amazing performance was accompanied by Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra with a famous European conductor Arcady Beryn. Magic of music and love – young spouses didn’t hide tender feelings and emotionally waltzed to the music. All that made the evening magical. There was endless applause in the audience then the opera Diva took off her shoes and started dancing energetically while singing aria of Giuditta from “Giuditta” opera.


  The following day of the Forum brought new impressions. “Rosneft” made a gift to all guests – the charming voice of legendary Julio Iglesias. It’s a pity that we don’t get younger, but the Spanish singer is perfectly physically fit and has a magnetic voice.

I’d like to thank my native city, St. Petersburg, for making me another present, another unforgettable meeting – a personal rendezvous with one brilliant musician. For a long time I have been following attentively the work of Jonny Lang and his band “Supersonic Blues Machine”. He’s a unique performer, his every album is phenomenal. People call him a “white B.B. King”. And it’s not surprising – Lang calls B.B. King and Albert Collins his main teachers and inspirations.
At the concert the Grammy winner conquered the hearts of the listeners by an extraordinary blues performance.

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